Suba Management Solutions,LLC

1015 North Lake Ave. Suite 219, Pasadena, CA, 91104
Since 2006, Suba Management Solutions has provided full service property management service for the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Greater Los Angeles Areas. • Leasing • Background Checks/Tenant Screenings • Eviction Coordination’s/Court Appearances • Maintenance Coordination’s • Property Inspections • Monthly Financial Statements • Rent Collections • Property Rehab • Very Reasonable Rates 1st Month's Free Management Service for 1 Year Signed Contract

Additional Information

  • Has an online portal for owners to view account statements
  • Option of sending rent money via ACH to rental owners
  • Allows tenants to pay rent online
  • Provides rental homeowners a detailed year end cashflow statement
  • Charges rental owners a vacancy fee

Coverage Areas

  • Los Angeles County, California

General Information

Years in Business
20 (Under current business name)
Employee Count
Phone Numbers
(626) 798-9011
(626) 818-7654
# of Residential Units Managed
# of Commercial Units Managed

General FAQ

What are your fees?
Single Family-5 Units: $250 Flat Fee 6 Units - Up: 6.5% or 70/Unit
How do you screen prospective tenants?
Yes, we perform extensive background checks and tenant screenings with each prospective tenant. Also, since obtaining a qualified tenant is the key to long to long term growth, in addition to the background check and tenant screenings, we also conduct our own in house interviews, which consist of reviewing with the prospective tenant, every item on his/her completed application.
I already have a tenant in my property. Will you be able to still manage my property?
Yes, this is absolutely no problem. Having an already occuppied unit will enable us to do what we do best immediately, which is manage your property
How do you take care of repairs and maintenance on properties?
Over time, Suba management Solutions has compiled a list of independent contractors and vendors, whose work and rates, we have become familiar. Once a bid has be submitted, a selection is made based on rates and job performance. Also, if our clients have a list of preferred vendors, we are more than willing to work from their list.
Where do you advertise to find qualified tenants?
As most professional property management companies are aware, some of the most successful advertisement in today's rental market is absolutely free. What dose cost is the time and due diligence in making sure our client's vacancies are prominently featured on some of the most popular websites such as: craigslist, Postlets, Westside rentals,ect. In addition, to website posting, placing banners and signs on the property has proved to be a strong draw for specific areas. Daily, our office staff monitor our client's property listings to assure that its being updated.

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