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798 Church Avenue, Chula Vista, CA, 91910
Thank you for your interest in our services. We are licensed California Real Estate Brokers and Agents with over 32 years of combined experience in property management services. We specialize in managing single family homes, town homes, condominiums, and up to 16 unit residential complexes. In such a high risk business of renting property, we understand how important it is to operate inside the law and protect the interests of our clients. You can certainly manage your own property, and you could drive your car without car insurance but why would you? Some things are just worth the investment. At Noble Real Estate Services, we charge a flat fee of 9% of any rents collected. That’s it! We have no other fees. We are a full service management company that is open 6 days a week. We respond 24 hours a day to any property emergencies or habitability issues. We pay for all advertising that we deem necessary to rent your property. If your property is not rented, we do not receive any compensation so we both want the same thing. We want a good tenant that pays the rent on time. Here is what you can expect for our fee: Take over 100 photos of your property prior to delivering possession. Advertise the property, screen all the tenants, and execute all the rental agreements. Supervise all the repair work and / or cleaning done at the property. Sign and serve notices at the property. Make the property rent ready upon any vacancy to quickly re-rent the property. Provide monthly owner accounting statements and year end 1099 tax reporting documents. Pay owners monthly via an electronic wire transfer directly to your specified account. As much as we screen tenants, we still have the unfortunate need to do evictions in our business. We have the experience you want in order to quickly evict a tenant and re-rent the property in a timely manner. This is done in an effort to minimize the financial impact on our owners. The solution to virtually every problem in managing property is the next paying tenant. Call our office for a free, no pressure conversation to see if hiring a great property manager is right for you. The real estate sale market may not be right for you at this time. Renting the property may be your best choice. Call us today at (619) 575-6200 and we will help you choose what is best for you and your family.

Additional Information

  • Option of sending rent money via ACH to rental owners
  • Provides rental homeowners a detailed year end cashflow statement

Coverage Areas

  • San Diego County, California

General Information

Years in Business
13 (Under current business name)
Employee Count
Phone Numbers
(619) 303-3173
# of Residential Units Managed

General FAQ

What are your fees?
Unlike most companies we have no upfront fees, no vacancy fees, no admin or start up fees. We only charge 9% of rents collected and we only get paid when we pay you. If your property goes vacant we aren't getting paid so we both want the same thing, to get a qualified tenant into your property quickly and seamlessly.
How do you screen prospective tenants?
Our screening process is pretty intense. Good renters means fewer issues for owners and managers. We take very large refundable security despoits to make sure the interests of our owners are protected.
How do you take care of repairs and maintenance on properties?
Unlike other companies we don't make money on your home repairs. When repairs are necessary our only goal is to keep your cost as low as possible and make sure the repair is completed satisfactorily.
When can I expect to receive my rent money?
THAT'S THE BEST PART! We pay you BEFORE the first of the month for every month that your property is occupied. No more waiting and wondering. No more receiving your rent on the 10th or 11th. We'll pay you before rent is even due, then if we have to go bang on doors to make sure your tenant pays, we'll do it after the money is in your bank account.

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